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Consultores y Abogados en Seguridad Social, S. C. In CASS our primary objective is the satisfaction of the client. To achieve this we offer the best legal and technical advice on Social Security, based on the highest standards of quality and professionalism with a personalized approach that allows us to respond to the needs of our clients with the efficiency and reaction time that each specific case requires.

Consultores y Abogados en Seguridad Social, S.C. founded in 1985 by the attorney Javier Patiño Rodríguez, in order to offer direct and personalized advice in relation to Social Security and INFONAVIT, diagnosing the actual situation of the companies in relation to the applicable laws in this area and, when necessary, correcting any possible irregularities, as well as preventing the occurrence of new contingencies that could put their stability at risk in the case of any violations.

In addition to advising the company individually, our Firm has successfully intervened with the institutional Social Security and INFONAVIT authorities in the establishment of concrete measures in benefit of our clients and of the business sector of the country in general.

Our Firm has participated on various working committees, representing the business sector. Similarly, and by invitation of the Senate of the Republic and the Federal Executive Branch, we have been consulted for the drafting of various bills reforming the laws of Social Security, SAR and INFONAVIT and their respective regulations.

Our involvement has been particularly noteworthy in the working committees of different business groups, in the drafting of the complete reform of the Social Security Law, which culminated in the new law, in force since July 1997, as well as the subsequent reforms of that law, and the proposals in relation to the Universal Pension Law and the Employment Insurance Law. Furthermore, aware of our social mission, we consistently engage in pro bono work in benefit of different non-profit institutions in our country.

In addition, beginning in 2015, we joined the Besser Law Firm Alliance, a strategic alliance of independent firms that offer specialized services in various branches of the Law, such as Anticorruption, Anti-Money-Laundering, Antitrust, Criminal Law, Energy, Tax Law, Corporate, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Intellectual Property, Civil and Commercial Litigation, M&A, Environmental Law, Data Protection, Immigration, Infrastructure and Labor Law.

This allows us to offer high quality, integrated services.

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33 Juan Tinoco St.
esq. con Blvd. Adolfo López Mateos (Periférico Sur / Barranca del Muerto)
Col. Mixcoac
Deleg. Benito Juárez, ZIP. 03930
Mexico City

Phone: (+52.55) 5664 4697

Website: cass-abogados.com
Contacto: cass@cass-abogados.com.mx
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