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The firm provides legal services to national and multinational companies implementing strategies that help them to optimize their human resources with ethics, quality and professionalism of the workforce of our clients. The services that the Firm provides include Consulting, Litigation and Collective Negotiations (Unions).

Labor Consulting, the Firm provides the following services:

Due Diligence in order to avoid future labor liability.

Indefinite and definite individual labor agreements preparation.

Consulting in profit sharing, employment substitution, labor intermediation, benefits payment such as ordinary and extraordinary bonuses, salary integration, etc.

Special treatment to expatriate employees in Mexico.

Review and update international policies according with the Mexican Laws.

Implementation of incentive programs such as stock options plans, commissions' plans, productivity bonus plans, saving fund plans, pension plans and confidentiality agreements.

Strategies for the termination of employment agreements.

Litigation, our lawyers are experts in high liability litigations before the Local and Federal Courts. The Firm has lawyers in most of the important states in Mexico. The firm had participated in litigations that had created jurisprudence before the Supreme Court.

Collective Negotiations. In these matters, the Firm provides services in order to elaborate, review and update collective bargaining agreements, negotiation with unions, collective litigations including strike proceeding and economic proceeding.

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